• Jaffa cake and gin. Two timeless classics together.

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About Us

Jaffa Cake Gin is a delicious concoction from the ingenious distillers at Atom Labs. Distilled with juniper, fresh orange peel, cocoa powder and real Jaffa cakes, the team produces and blends each batch in Kent, UK.

I cannot get enough of this stuff, the flavour is so perfect I just can't believe it.

- Taken from Master of Malt

The orange filling comes through so well in a negroni, honestly my go to gin for it now!

- Taken from Master of Malt

The flavour is amazing, exactly like real Jaffa cakes. Maybe that’s not so surprising as there are Jaffa cakes in it, but I can’t believe how perfectly the flavour of them comes through.

- Taken from Master of Malt