ABV: 42% Volume: 70cl

Jaffa Cake Gin

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A nostalgic treat, the Jaffa cake is part zingy citrus, part velvety chocolate – and now our clever distillers have captured it in gin form! Made with real-life Jaffa cakes, plus fresh orange peel and cocoa powder, the result is a vanilla-rich nose and an almondy palate, all wrapped up in an earthy juniper note. Perfect over ice, mixed with soda, or in a Negroni!

  • CeleryFalse
  • CerealsContainingGlutenFalse
  • CrustaceansFalse
  • EggsTrue
  • FishFalse
  • LupinFalse
  • MilkTrue
  • MolluscsFalse
  • MustardFalse
  • NutsFalse
  • PeanutsFalse
  • SesameSeedsFalse
  • SoybeansFalse
  • SulphurDioxideSulphitesFalse

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  • Contains:

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